The Stationary Guard (also known as the Garrison) or "SG" for short, is the branch which protects and maintains order within the Walls. Most people who join the Stationary Guard simply want to defend the walls, don't have the skills to join the Military Police, or are just interested in SG more than the other branches. Stationary Guard also use 3DMG but not much or often, they mostly use cannons on the walls, security detail, crowd control, and Musket.

The current Commander of the Stationary Guard is waffleeye27.

Duties Edit

The Stationary Guard takes care of all defenses for the Walls whether it be patrols, repairs, or improvements. When there are trainings of Trainee Corps at Trainee Camp, the Stationary Guard sometimes may come to Trainee Camp to help Training Instructors control and handle a situation during trainings.

Members Edit

The Stationary Guard is the 2nd branch. The SG has 55 members, the lowest of all branches, with the Military Police having 78 and the Scouting Legion having 97. (Information is correct as of 11/28/2017.)

Members of the Stationary Guard are either people not skilled enough to join the Military Police, or people who simply want to defend inside the Walls, or simply that they just don't want to join the Scouting Legion/Military Police.